Usually, before moving an apartment, office or house, you have to solve the problem with the air conditioner, because if a person who does not understand this takes on the matter, difficulties may arise. But in any case, transportation with will cost less than buying a new device. They come in different types (we will indicate the most popular):

Split systems (home) – consists of two to six separate blocks connected by copper pipes. One part is indoors, and the second is outside. Most often they are installed in apartments and offices.
For allergy sufferers – they can filter the air.
Floor-mounted – installed if installation of standard models is impossible.Features of transporting an air conditioner
Mobile – mobile air conditioners on wheels.
Transporting air conditioners is a troublesome task, since dismantling work is difficult and should only be done by a professional. First you need to turn off the power and then remove them. If we are talking about a home air conditioner, then both parts must be packed, for example, in bubble wrap. The parts will need to be properly secured in the machine, namely the inner ones in a horizontal position and the outer ones in a vertical position. Secure them in the car with belts and put something soft under them so that nothing is damaged. Industrial air conditioners should be carried with care because they are large loads. If you follow all transportation rules, everything will go well. Whether or not to use the services of movers is everyone’s choice, but if you decide to use their help, the move will go faster and definitely won’t incur losses.