In order to prevent damage to drugs, their packaging is carried out taking into account the following features:

Flammable liquid substances. Alcohol-containing raw materials, ether, and other compounds made using them are placed in wooden containers with special nests so that the height of the cells is at least 5 cm above the glass.
Conventional medical liquid solutions in glass containers are also transported in boxes, but protective packaging material is placed over them.Features of transportation of pharmaceutical products
Vegetable raw materials that have undergone thorough drying are transported in boxes, bags, crates, while canned ones are transported in special hermetic bottles and metal barrels.
Potent medications and drugs belonging to the class of narcotic substances are transported exclusively in the presence of a responsible escort, with the involvement of representatives of security or security services.

The cargo is placed linearly on pallets as close to each other as possible so that the height of the body is no more than half occupied in order to prevent it from tipping over. If such a need arises, the pallets are secured with safety belts. With proper organization, complete protection of the entrusted cargo is ensured from the harmful effects of mechanical, climatic and other unfavorable influences that can cause drugs to lose their properties.