You can argue as much as you like about the real existence of the brownie, but when moving, everyone remembers it. The little invisible owner of the house or apartment should definitely be taken with him to his new place of residence.

If you listen to the beliefs, the brownie protects the house from evil spirits and misfortunes. There are cases when people actually felt his presence at critical moments. If small children and pets behave strangely, as if they sense someone’s presence in an empty room, then this is the machinations of a brownie.

In a word, if upon returning home you feel calm and peaceful, you have a brownie. And he loves you and your home.

However, the invisible owner is very capricious and even capricious. In order to take him to a new place, you first need to invite him there. Words alone will not be enough, you will have to fork out for a treat. It could be at least a piece of bread with salt and a saucer of milk. But it’s worth knowing that the brownie loves sweets.Do I need to take the brownie when moving?

If the negotiations were successful (you will certainly feel it!) and the owner gave the go-ahead, we are preparing to move.

How to transport a brownie
There is an opinion that a brownie’s favorite item is a broom. And the move is carried out directly on it. But not everyone has preserved this rare household item – it has been replaced by all kinds of vacuum cleaners and mops.

Organize your home’s move comfortably. Prepare a beautiful box or casket, put a soft cloth in it and throw in a pinch of bread crumbs. There are many special phrases for inviting a brownie to a new place. You can ask for this in your own words, most importantly – from the heart. Leave the box (felt boots, slippers, bast shoes) open all night, and close it in the morning.

By the way, on the night when your brownie loads his simple belongings into the treasured box, you can not waste time and make a real apartment move.