Not a single office or apartment move would be complete without transporting furniture and; no one wants to spoil their property, so the question arises: “is packaging necessary?” The answer is yes, packaging is definitely needed for safe transportation. Firstly, it will protect against mechanical damage during loading/unloading, especially when demolishing floors. Secondly, it will keep it clean, because suddenly it may rain or a strong wind may rise, which will attract pollution. A chest of drawers can be easily wiped down, but a sofa will be more difficult.

CUSHIONED FURNITUREDo I need to pack furniture when transporting?
Mattress, sofa, ottomans – all this needs to be wrapped with at least two or three layers of stretch film. Velvet and leather are those materials that you can’t repair and won’t be able to wash if they get caught somewhere on the stairs. Therefore, for your own peace of mind, it is better to use minimal packaging. Loaders can be professionals in their field, but we are all human and everyone can fail to support weight, get caught, stumble, etc. Of course, any normal company will reimburse you for repairs/restoration, but this will again take time.

With such furniture it is much easier, but mechanical damage in the form of chipped paint and scratches has not been canceled. Therefore, film is your best assistant in this matter. If you plan to disassemble the furniture, then packing it will be even easier, just screw the boards together. Even if you are moving to a neighboring house, you should protect yourself and approach this responsibly. The sliding wardrobe must be packed, because there are mirror/glass elements. Also, be careful with handles and cabinets. It is better to remove handles, especially sharp ones, so as not to damage the rest of the luggage, and secure the lockers with tape so that they do not accidentally open.

If you decide not to do the packaging, then warn about this in advance, because not all carriers will want to be responsible for the safety of white furniture.