Before you start assembling your cookware, make sure you have everything you need to get the job done.

What is the best way to transport dishes? Of corce, with help
• Drawers for utensils. Designed to provide maximum protection for utensils and glasses, an expensive cardboard box is a tall, multi-tiered container you’ll likely find for safely packing and transporting utensils. However, there is no need to pay extra for this unless the items are particularly memorable or fragile.
• Cardboard boxes: Due to the weight and sensitivity of cookware, avoid plain cardboard boxes and look for thicker ones. You don’t have to buy new ones, use boxes you can find at grocery stores or boxes with sturdy holes for support. Be sure to double tape the bottom of the box.
• Plastic containers: These are stronger than cardboard boxes and will prevent any potential exposure to leaks or pests from getting inside the packaged items. Containers come in different types for added convenience – transparent to make it easy to see what’s stored inside, or with wheels to make transporting and moving heavy dishes easier. Additionally, most storage containers are easy to stack on top of each other with less chance of crushing the containers underneath, making them more durable than cardboard boxes.

Packaging and wrapping paperConsumables needed for packing dishes
• Wrapping paper: Ideal for cushioning and wrapping material, but you will have to buy it.
• Newspaper.
• Bubble Wrap: The most expensive option.
• Foam Rolls: Can be purchased in large rolls or individual sheets. A good option between wrapping paper and bubble wrap.
• Towels or blankets: These provide a high level of protection when packing items.

Packing tape
• Shipping tape: This is the best type of packing tape for packing utensils because it contains premium adhesives for secure, long-term storage that can withstand long trips or exposure to the elements.
• Packing Tape Dispenser: Invest in a packing tape dispenser to easily seal and seal boxes quickly.
• Masking tape: This is great for sealing wrapping paper after packing individual dishes, bowls or glasses. It’s pretty cheap and easy to tear apart by hand during the unboxing process.
• Don’t use duct tape: This type of tape is intended to be used, but it doesn’t actually stick well to cardboard compared to transfer tape. It can also leave a sticky residue and come off in hot conditions.