Don’t want to move or just don’t feel like moving? Don’t you like these boring preparations, trips for boxes and hustle and bustle, or do you simply have no one to pack your things? Then professional movers will come to your aid and help with this.

What is included in the list of services?

Assembling things – as well as pre-purchasing packaging;
Assembly/disassembly of furniture – any furniture, of any complexity;
Descent/ascent – by stairs or elevator, as well as skidding to the desired place in the apartment;
Packaging – not only its purchase and delivery, but also complete packaging is always what you need.Can movers pack things?

Packers come to your address, you show what you need to pack or assemble. They always have gloves with them, as well as shoe covers, so as not to get anything dirty. You can pack your things in several ways, which will be explained to you during your conversation with the manager. Packing things is not that difficult, it takes from 1 to 5 hours, depending on your quantity.

Depending on what you need to do, it is always better to order 1 day before the desired date or at least a few hours (3-4 hours). By contacting our company, you will receive not only the best service for loaders, but also services for the transportation of goods of any type, size and weight. We are always waiting for your requests, and are also happy to help not only with the relocation, but also with advice.