There are several recommendations that will help transport sofas or other furniture safe and sound:

Take notes. When packing furniture, be sure to write on the cardboard about what is wrapped in it. This will make the process of assembling furniture in a new place easier. The accessories are placed in separate boxes. In order not to be confused about what kind of furniture in the box the fittings are assembled from, write about this on the packaging.
Place cardboard between pieces. When stacking cabinet panels, be sure to place corrugated cardboard spacers between them. To protect the ligament and seal its contents, you can use stretch filmAre you moving and worried about the safety of your furniture?
Use bubble wrap. To protect upholstered furniture from negative “neighborhood” with heavy objects, wrap it in bubble wrap. This will help protect the upholstery. If the transportation of armchairs and sofas is carried out during the cold season, then after delivering the upholstered furniture to a new place, let it warm up to room temperature and only then unpack it.
Secure moving parts. When transporting furniture without first disassembling it, secure its drawers, doors, etc. If moving parts of cabinets or cabinets move during movement, there is a high risk of damage to both them and other furniture in the van.

To avoid damaging your furniture, follow our advice. They will help protect your cabinets and cabinets from damage. When loading the van, do not place heavy objects on upholstered furniture. This way you will extend its service life.