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International Household Goods Moving

When an international relocation is undertaken, the complexities can seem overwhelming. Handling the logistics of relocating between continents, taking into account the differences in time zones, languages and customs is where relying on a professional like Move Management makes the process so much simpler.

There is no need to worry when choosing Move Management. As international shipping professionals, we handle all the necessary steps from origin to the final destination, including paperwork and the bureaucratic processing required when importing or exporting items overseas.

Starting with pre-move counseling and planning, you will be informed and in control of your move every step of the way, from your first contact with us, right through to final delivery and unpacking. Need to know when your shipment sailed? When it cleared Customs? When will it be delivered? We can tell you instantly.

Contact with you, our client, is a critical factor in our success. We understand that your needs can change from day to day and we are prepared to meet those needs by providing you with steadfast and reliable counsel. This means helping to make smart and cost-effective decisions.

Our organization is structured to operate in the field of international relocations, utilizing professional, skilled labor and state-of-the-art technology used in the international market. Our manpower consists of only experienced full-time employees who undergo our exclusive relocation program and background checks. Each relocation is supervised by an experienced foreman who is skilled in handling the challenges of each individual move.

Our professional alliances here and abroad offer an additional power source to our services. Our global communications network of friendly cooperative agents worldwide has been carefully structured to meet our high quality standards.

Our international household move operations include imports and exports by air, land or sea. No matter how large or small the move, you can depend on the quality of our door-to-door service, utilizing liftvans, airvans or containers to relocate your possessions anywhere in the world.

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